Many layers of sound exist in the world around us, evoking emotions and telling stories. Sound can illustrate vivid images where pictures don’t exist and support narrative where they do. Alex Dimitriu wants to harness those sounds, play with and shape them. His passion, hard work and ambition led to him studying sound engineering at University and ultimately brought him to EZPZ Sounds.

 In 2006, Alex volunteered as an Assistant Sound Engineer at Bell Sounds in his home town and the quality of his work led to an opportunity to join a local recording studio as a Recording Engineer two years later. After exploring the recording studio, he continued his career by joining Safari Circus, where he worked as a Live Sound Engineer.

 A qualified sound engineer, Alex spent two years at Bournemouth and Poole College and attained a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Technology. Throughout his study, Alex confidently worked with Pro Tools and Cubase to a professional level and gained many hours of recording time. He honed his skills and learnt how to take product quality to a professional level. As a bonus, he gained plenty of knowledge and experience with film sound design and acoustics.

 Alex then continued his education in the field of sound engineering by enrolling at Bournemouth University, where he is currently studying for a JAMES accredited BSC (HONS) in Music and Sound Production Technology.  His interests range from recording, mixing and mastering to Foley and sound design for film. He is always keen to explore new ways of working to achieve excellence.

 Going forward, he is determined to work tirelessly to succeed, make artists’ visions come to life and find new ways to work within the world of sound.


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