Mother Production – Recording Sessions

As you know from the previous post, I have re-recorded Mother by John Lennon in the production style of Rick Rubin. More exactly, I take as a reference the album Death Magnetic by Metallica produced in 2008 by Rick Rubin.

I have recorded the song, in four sessions.

Session 1 – Electric Guitar

Guitar Imput List

To recreate as much as possible the recoding sessions of Rick Rubin, I have recorded the guitar in the control room, using 4 microphones, one on axis (SM57), the second one off axis (SM57), in this way panning the channels the guitars will sound wide, the third microphone (PG52) in the back of the amp, for more low end and another SM57 as a room mic for more presence, placed at approximately at 1m from the guitar amp. To be able to use an virtual amp, and use the amps Rick Rubin used, I also recoded with a D.I Box. I will tell you more about this when we get to the mix.

IMG_20141125_164303 IMG_20141125_164316 IMG_20141125_164329 IMG_20141125_164346

Session 2 – Bass

Because was no studio available, I recorded the bass with a D.I. in the project room using an M-BOX and the Laptop.

After that, I re-amped the bass, in studio 4 control room, with two Audix D6 one off axis, and the second one on axis. Before the recording take place, I used the clean signal of the bass for virtual re-amping to have the closest sound with the Rick Rubin`s one. I used the same settings when I re-amp it in the studio as the ones I used virtual.

IMG_20141202_161948 IMG_20141202_161957 IMG_20141202_162004 IMG_20141202_162113 IMG_20141202_162123

Session 3 – Drums and Electric Guitar

Sessin 3

In the 3rd session I have recorded the drums and, because I needed guitar lead, and another take for the rhythm guitar more bright and less distortion. I recorded just with to microphones, On axis and OFF Axis bought SM57  and the D.I. for clean signal.

The drums was close miked, because was a hard rock song, and for this kind of music it`s used the close miking. Rick Rubin used the same technique.

I choose the Shure PGDMK6 because are almost the same type of microphones used by Rick Rubin. The SM58 for the Hi-Hat because it`s dynamic, and capture very nice the hi-end frequencies. The SM57 on the snare I used it because of his brilliant SPL and of his frequency response very good for capturing the snare.

IMG_20141127_161214 IMG_20141127_161227 IMG_20141127_161235 IMG_20141127_161247

Session 4 – Vocal

The vocal was recorded with the Avantone CK6 because the frequency response of it, gives me the chance to play with the voice and get the Rick`s Rubin sound. And being a condenser, gives more brightens to the voice and makes it sound clear.

The microphone was placed in the vocal booth for having a dry sound, and the distance between the singer and the microphone was about 15cm.


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